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The City of Gravette has a full-time building inspector. Inspections are completed Monday - Thursday. No inspections are completed on Friday. A 24-hour notice is required for inspections.


To schedule an inspection, call City Hall at 479-787-5757.

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Obtaining a Permit

Permits can be obtained at City Hall. When submitting a permit application, please include a copy of your contractor's license and general liability. For plumbing permits, a copy of health department approval may be required when applicable. For mechanical permits, please include a copy of the load/manual J calculation. For building permits, please include full size plans and a site or plot plan. Permit should be clearly and prominently displayed so as to be visible from the street. Always contact Arkansas One Call (dial 811) before digging.







Mechanical Permit

Fence permits can be obtained at City Hall. Fencing in the front yard cannot exceed 36" in height and all fences must be located at least 5' from street or public right-of-way. Fences used to enclose pools and spas must be a minimum height of 48" with a ground clearance of no more than 2". Find out more about fence regulations HERE.

Accessory structures and sheds require a permit from City Hall. No more than two accessory structures are allowed on lots zoned residential. Requests for exception can be made via written request to the City Council. There are setback requirements that vary depending on the size and use of the accessory structure. No part of the accessory structure shall be located closer to the front setback than the front facing wall of the principal structure. Find out more about accessory structure regulations HERE.

Pool permits can be obtained at City Hall. All permanent pools deeper than two-feet must be fenced.

Sign permits can be obtained at City Hall. Please include a scaled drawing of sign, including sign height and area and a list of materials used to construct the sign. If sign is on property on Highway 72, 59, or 279, please ensure sign is compliant with Arkansas Department of Transportation regulations. Contact ARDOT at 501-569-2000. All signs must comply with existing city and state right-of-way and property line setbacks. Find out more about sign regulations HERE.

Fence & Shed








Business licenses can be obtained at City Hall and are valid for one calendar year. A new license must be obtained every January. The business license should be prominently displayed in the place of business. Food trucks and mobile food vendors must also obtain a mobile vending permit.



Mobile Vending Permit

Mobile Vending Ordinance

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