The Gravette Fire Department is a duly chartered fire department in the State of Arkansas, with 2 Fire Stations located within the City of Gravette. The organization serves the City of Gravette, which is a Class I City, for fire and EMS response and serves the unincorporated areas of Northwest Benton County for fire response.


Important Numbers
Administrative Line
Dispatch Line (Central Communications)

The Department staffs as a Combination Fire Department with full and part-time firefighter/EMTs and firefighter/paramedics, and numerous volunteer Firefighters. The department is always accepting applications for volunteer firefighters. Completed applications can be returned to Gravette City Hall or the fire station. Applications are available HERE



The Fire District covers 57 square miles of both City and County response area, extending south to the Decatur, and Centerton Fire Districts, North to Sulphur Springs Fire District, East to Bella Vista Fire District and West to Maysville Fire District.


The current ISO Rating for the City of Gravette is a 4 for areas within the city limits. Outside the city limits, within the fire district, the ISO ratings vary based on distance and access to fire hydrants.

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Fire District Map

EMS District Map

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