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Community is key! Gravette strives to be known in Northwest Arkansas as a place that is uniquely independent and exceptionally family friendly. Through master planning initiatives, creative partnerships, and professional management of resources, Gravette seeks to be a model community.

Gravette is a City of the First Class with a population of over 3,500 and a land mass of nearly 14-square miles. Gravette is located in the northwest corner of Benton County. Gravette is conveniently located within 15 minutes of most major cities and employers in Northwest Arkansas.

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Gravette is a steadily growing community in the northwest corner of Arkansas with a population of over 3,500. Home prices are affordable and the schools are top notch. An array of parks, walk-bike trails, and recreational activities means there is something to enjoy in Gravette for everyone.

As a model community on the highway 59 corridor, Gravette and its leadership are business friendly. The local economy is thriving and supportive of more than 150 local businesses, including several large employers. There has been a steady increase in sales tax revenue over the last several years and each year, numerous businesses seek to call Gravette home.

Its close proximity to three Arkansas state highways (72,279, & 59) and Interstate 49 means that commuters can easily travel to any of the larger, more urban communities in a matter of minutes. 

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1. Select the property your business will occupy.

When evaluating properties, it is important to know whether the property is properly zoned for the type of business you are trying to open. The zoning of a property can also affect how the property is developed. The zoning map can be viewed here or you can contact the building, planning, and code department via email or at 479-787-5757 ext. 3. If the zoning of the property is incompatible with the occupancy, a request for rezoning can be submitted to the building, planning, and code department for review and approval or denial by the planning commission. More information about rezoning is available here.

2. Obtain necessary permits and applications.

If changes will be made to an existing building or if a new building will be constructed, a building permit is required.  Likewise, work on plumbing, mechanical, or electrical components require the appropriate permits and inspections. Signs are also required to be permitted. Adherence to the building codes ensures that structures are safe for the public. Learn more about permits and inspections here.

Water and sewer services are available to most properties in the city limits. If utilities will be in the name of the business owner, then a copy of the lease agreement or warranty deed for the property will be required. Learn more about utility service and find a copy of the application form here.

3. Apply for a business license and request an inspection and certificate of occupancy.

All businesses operating in the city limits of Gravette are required to have a current business license. Licenses are issued annually and expire at the end of the calendar year. 

During the business license review process, the building inspector and fire chief will call to schedule an inspection of the premises to ensure that all applicable code and safety issues have been addressed. Once the inspection is complete and any outstanding issues have been addressed, then a business license and certificate of occupancy are issued. Learn more about the business license process here

4. Schedule a ribbon cutting and open house.

The Greater Gravette Chamber of Commerce coordinates ribbon cuttings and open houses for new businesses that are Chamber members. There is no cost for either one of these services and it is a great opportunity to announce the opening of your business to the community. The Greater Gravette Chamber of Commerce can be reached via email or at 479-787-8998.

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