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Gravette Day Grand Marshal Nominations Now Open

Nominations for grand marshal for the 130th Gravette Day are being accepted until Sunday, March 13. Submissions should detail the nominee's connection to the Gravette area and why the nominee should be chosen. The grand marshal nomination form, as well as other Gravette Day forms, is available at under the 'Events' tab.

Past grand marshals include:

1982 Wayne Crytes

1983 Dixie Harris

1984 Libby Beck

1985 Mary Edgmon

1986 Jo McAbee

1987 Jack and Joyce Davidson

1988 Tracy Stark

1989 John and Bea McAllister

1990 Lottie Howell

1991 Jerry Ratzlaff

1992 Doris Ann Raby

1993 Gravette Descendants

1994 Dean Fladager

1995 Mary Kay Kelley

1996 Lorene Hatfield

1997 Glenn and Reta Duffy

1998 Judge Jimm Hendren

1999 Alberta Mason/Bill Howard

2000 Dodie Evans

2001 Dr. Billy V. Hall

2002 Holiness Bible School

2003 Museum Commission

2004 John Richard Meade

2005 Sue Stumbo

2006 Al Kuettner

2007 Dan Fagala

2008 Pene Pigott

2009 Effie Ross

2010 Ron Teasley

2011 Byron Warren

2012 20+ Gravette citizens

2013 Delbert and Xollie Buffer

2014 Heidi Duncan and Jacquelyn Queen

2015 Dr. Marion Harris

2016 Kim Hendren

2017 Ken and Paulette Austin

2018 Lura Mae Kemp

2019 Steve Huckriede

2020 Berl and Mary Harris

2021 Dr. David Tucker, Dr. Nancy Jones, Dr. Marc Poemoceah

2022 Robert and Geneva Hamilton

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