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Census 2020

Happy Census! The complete count of every person who lives in the United States happens every ten years and by now, you should have received a census invitation asking you to respond online, by phone, or by mail. If you have not yet received your census invitation, you can still respond online at or by calling 844-330-2020, even without the invitation.

Census information is used to determine where more than $675 billion dollars in funding is distributed each year for the next decade. Fire stations, schools, roads, Head Start, housing, hospitals, Medicare and Medicaid, food programs, and more receive funding based on census data.

Businesses use census data to determine where to open new locations, where to expand, and whether the area can support new business. Information from the census gives employers an insight on future workforce and where they can expect to find new employees.

Seats in the United States House of Representatives are distributed based on population. Congressional and state legislative districts are drawn based on information from the Census. This helps ensure Gravette is represented fairly at the state and national level.

I encourage you to fulfill your civic duty by completing the census today. You can respond online, even if you haven’t received anything in the mail, by visiting You can also respond by phone by calling 844-330-2020. Census workers will start going door to door in the next few weeks to reach those that have not yet responded. Do you part to ensure a complete count!

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