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Gravette Attends Planning Training

Staff members and Planning Commissioners from the City of Gravette attended a planning workshop hosted by the Arkansas Public Administration Consortium (APAC) and the Arkansas Chapter of the American Planning Association on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in Centerton, Arkansas. The workshop, titled Planning 301, is one in a three-part series designed to give participants advanced training on planning, zoning, and application review; risk management; skilled meeting management; governance techniques; and ethical obligations of a Planning Commission.

The City of Gravette was represented by building inspector David Keck, planner Mike von Ree, Planning Commission Chair Ashley Harris, and Planning Commission Vice Chair Bill Mattler. The group previously attended Planning 201 and Keck has also attended Planning 101. Upon completion of all three planning training workshops plus some additional requirements like a written essay and assigned reading requirements, eligible individuals receive the designation of Certified Arkansas Planning Official. “The city is at its best when we have qualified and trained individuals not only in staffed positions, but appointed and elected positions, too,” says Gravette Mayor Kurt Maddox. He continued, “Seeking out learning opportunities is vital as Gravette continues forward with the goal of setting itself apart as a community of growth and progress while retaining our unique identity.”

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