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Police Apprehend Suspects

October 31, 2018

On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, at approximately 12:21 PM the Gravette Police Department received a call from the Bank of Gravett motor bank, stating that a teller recognized an individual from the previous week who had passed a forged check and believed they were possibly trying to pass another forged check at the drive through.

Gravette Police Department Officers arrived on scene shortly after. One officer parked behind a black Honda Civic that was parked in the far east stall. The other officer pulled into the exit lane off 3rd Ave. N E. Both officers exited their vehicles to approach the Honda to speak with the occupants. As they did, the Honda began to pull out of the stall, attempting to leave the bank. The officer approaching the front of the Honda instructed the driver to stop. Instead, the driver of the Honda accelerated quickly towards the officer. The officer again gave commands for the Honda to stop, but it did not do so, resulting in the officer having to quickly move aside to avoid being struck by the Honda.

The Honda exited the bank headed east onto Main Street, accelerating rapidly. Both officers followed, and a pursuit was called. The Honda then turned south on 5th Ave. SE, accelerating and crossing state Highway 72 without stopping. The Honda continued to Birmingham St. SE, turning east into a school zone without stopping and crossed 6th Ave. SE, traveling at speeds over 50mph. The Honda turned east on state Highway 72, then turned south onto Stage Coach Road. Speeds exceeded 90mph on Stage Coach Road. The Honda then turned onto Fruitwood Road continuing with speeds over 50mph, then turned west onto Wildwood Way. An officer approached a civilian weed eating along Wildwood Way who confirmed the Honda was still traveling to the south on Wildwood Way. The Honda then turned east on Mount Olive Road, where it collided with a vehicle driven by a Benton County Deputy. The Honda, still being somewhat operable, continued east on Mount Olive, but started losing pieces of the inner front fender and left front tire, eventually driving on the rim. Being unable to drive further, the Honda came to a stop at the entrance of 17371 Mount Olive Road.

Other units from the Benton County Sheriff’s Officer, Decatur Police Department, and Sulphur Springs Police Department had previously joined in the pursuit. The three suspects, Jacob Allen Mills, Trevor Dean Meeker, and Jennifer Elaine Parks, exited the vehicle and fled on foot into the drive way of 17371 Mount Olive Road. All three suspects were caught and detained by Benton County Deputies and the Decatur Police Department Officer. Gravette Police Officers arrived on scene and all three suspects were transported to the Benton County Jail.

During an inventory on the Honda, a glass smoking device was found lying on the console, along with a black bag in the passenger floor board. The black bag contained several checkbooks, cell phones, and car keys. Some of the checks were later found to have been stolen out of Benton County in the Bella Vista area. Further items found are involved with an active theft investigation by Benton County. The driver, Jacob Allen Mills, was held for careless driving, fleeing by vehicle with extreme indifference – Felony, fleeing on foot, carrying a weapon, aggravated assault class D – Felony, possession of drug paraphernalia, and failure to appear for Misdemeanor offense. Trevor Dean Meeker was held for fleeing on foot, resisting arrest, theft by receiving, carrying a weapon, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Jennifer Elaine Parks was held for fleeing on foot, theft by receiving, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Gravette Police Department would like to thank the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, Sulphur Springs Police Department, and Decatur Police Department, along with the Benton County Department of Emergency Services dispatch operators, for their assistance in keeping these three suspects off the streets of Northwest Arkansas.

Charles W Skaggs

Chief Gravette Police Department


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