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ROW Maintenance Bids Sought

The City is seeking bids for Right-Of-Way maintenance for 2017.

There are FOUR passes needed in 2017: 1)Winter Undergrowth Cut Can begin anytime after Jan 1, full completion no later than Mar 1. All trees/saplings/shrubs cut to ground level and removed (Few Exceptions). Midlevel and overhanging branches up to 12 feet above ground level to be cut & removed. 2) Spring Cut Can begin anytime after May 15, full completion no later than June 15. 3) Summer Cut (Gravette Day) Can begin anytime after July 25, full completion no later than August 8. 4) Fall Cut Can begin anytime after October 1, full completion no later than October 30.

Right-of-way widths vary street to street. As a rule, 5 feet off the pavement on both sides would pass as acceptable work. Cuts should be extended on several streets with major sidewalks. Extra attention around all corners and other visible obstructions—above and below—is critical. Each pass should involve weed-eating around power poles, utility canisters, road signs, sidewalks, and other permanently approved obstructions. Some property owners have fences and in most cases the cut should go all the way up to the fence, even if that means cutting the shrub/tree growth out above the ROW which originates from inside a fence. If there are any questions—please ask.

Highways are not to be included at this time.

Bids are being requested by Zone for the full 2017 season. It isn't necessary to bid all 4 zones. Specific zone bids are welcomed and encouraged. Payment would be divided into 4 equal parts and paid out after the successful completion of each pass.

Requirements: Gravette Business License General Liability Policy $1mil+

Bid Deadline: Monday October 31, 2016

For questions and/or large printouts of the zone maps, please come by City Hall at 604 1st Ave SE, Gravette.

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