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Gravette Day 2016

Vendor Info & Application [DEADLINE HAS PASSED!]

Parade Info & Application

We have 9 Separate Pageants this year!

Sign up forms:

‘Pretty Baby’ 0-11 Months

‘Tiny Tot’ 12-23 Months

‘Little Miss Toddler’ 2-3 Years

‘Little Miss Petite’ 4-5 Years

‘Little Miss’ 6-7 Years

‘Miss Tween’ 8-10 Years

‘Miss Preteen’ 11-13 Years

‘Miss Teen Gravette' 14-16 Years [DEADLINE HAS PASSED]

‘Miss Gravette’ 17-21 Years [DEADLINE HAS PASSED]

Kim Hendren will be Grand Marshall of the parade. The day will highlight accomplishments of kids from Gravette both past and present. The day will crescendo with a free concert by The Reeve's Brothers.

T-Shirts Available! $5

Purchase at City Hall before the event until supplies last.


Heather Finley, Gravette Day Committee Chair

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