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Spring Cleanup Around The Corner!

Tuesday, May 3 Gravette (West) Thursday, May 5 Gravette (Hiwasse Area)

Curbside pickup of large items. Please help continue making this awesome service available by following a few simple rules:

*Only leave your items no more than a couple days before the pickup date at the most.

*No Paint, No Tires, No Batteries, No Chemicals, No Appliances, No Electronics, No Yard Waste.

Will pick up lumber only if it is no longer than 4ft tied in a bundle & weighs less than 50lbs.

Also remember:

We have a City Dumpster available to Citizens / Property Owners:

Please come by City Hall during business hours to arrange for use of the dumpster.


$30 for pickup truck load

$60 for trailer load

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