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Reminder! Fence Permits Required.

Reminder! FENCE PERMITS ARE REQUIRED: 1. Fences must be located on private property built with consent of the property owner. 2. Fencing in front yard cannot exceed 36” in height. 3. Fences must be located at least 5’ from street or public right-of-way. 4. No fence may be located within a sight triangle (see illustration below). 5. Fences may be located in a utility easement; however, they must have a gate installed on each end the width of the easement. 6. Fences may not be located in a platted drainage easement. 7. Fence height cannot exceed eight (8) feet above grade. 8. Finished surfaces must face outward from the property. 9. Fences used to enclose pools and spas must be a minimum height of 48 inches with a maximum clearance between the bottom of the fence and the ground of no more than two (2) inches. When digging, contact ARKANSAS ONE- CALL 1-800-482-8998


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